Hello folks!

So I have decided to join the NaNoWriMo that goes from November 1st to November 30th. This is a opportunity for you to create a novel of 50,000 words if I’m not wrong. So far I only have around 5000 words and it’s not the best thing I have written but man I love how its turning out!

So a small detail about my novel is about angels, people being reincarnated and so far the name is Eden’s Garden. I hope it turns out amazing and seriously I have been writing for hours now! It’s so excited to reconnect with that side of me. Before reading I used to write a lot of stories, I never finished because I sometimes didn’t have time with school and work but since I’m only taking one class this semester I was like hell, why not!

Below you will find the link for the website, join in! also my username there is: teacupsandreads in case you want to look for me J (join now! It’s really fun J)